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Prices for fruit and grapes dropped by 9.9%

01.11.18 15:59
In September 2018, prices for fruit and grapes dropped by 9.9% compared to September 2017. According to Geostat data, prices declined mostly for plums (-35%), Kiwi (-32%), apples (-24%), pears (-17%), lemon (-16%), and grapes (-14%). The low prices of fruit and grapes might be the result of comparatively good harvest and increased production in 2018. 2017 was a bad year in terms of harvest for Georgia’s agriculture; a spring frost followed by a summer drought has created the unfavorable weather conditions for deciduous fruit trees. In addition, Asian Stink Bug, an agricultural pest which attacks fruit trees and vegetables, damaged the crops. Consequently, we saw a significant annual decrease in production of the following crops in 2017: apples (-70%), plums (-55%), lemon (-53%), and pears (-48%). 2018 seems to be a good year not only for plums and apples, but for grapes as well. As of today, more than 230 000 tons of grapes have been processed; that is 72% higher compared to the previous year (134 000 tons). The revenues of Georgian grape growers this year were also higher compared to the previous year, and exceeded to 300 million GEL. This indicator is 85% higher compared to the previous year (162 million GEL). Current year is a good year for apple growers as well.

Source: ISET