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16.11.18 18:17

High-caliber engineering expertise opinion on Mindeli Coal Mine will be available in December. Operation of the mine will be resumed at segments, which will be deemed safe and fit for work. It was announced by Mamuka Bakhtadze, Prime Minister of Georgia at a meeting with coal miners at Mindeli Mine of Tkibuli today.

In addition to this, as Head of Government of Georgia noted, a long-term development strategy of the mine needs to be developed no later than next year. Otherwise, operation of the mine will not be sustainable.

"Ability to make forecasts and sustainability is required for the coal mining sector. We are keen to have it operational, however health and safety standards need to be institutionalized and strict discipline followed at the enterprise, as nothing is more important than a human life" added the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Head of Government of Georgia also provided information to coal miners about the construction of a new textile factory in Tkibuli intended for the next year. It will create jobs and investment value of the project is budgeted at 5 MLN USD. It will be implemented by the Partnership Fund together with Chinese investors.

"City may not depend on one employer only. Taking into account the textile production traditions of Tkibuli, construction of a new enterprise will start next year on the grounds of negotiations held by and between the Partnership Fund and investors. It will produce jackets and sell the output in Europe. We believe that a substantial number of jobs will be created. Apart from that, city will acquire one more large employer and taxes paid by it into the local budget will be reflected on the development of the city. We will do our best to inject new life into Tkibuli" added the Prime Minister of Georgia.

Meeting of the Head of Government of Georgia with coal miners was interactive with questions and answers exchanged by the participants. It was also attended by Sozar Subari, Adviser to the Prime Minister of Georgia on Regional Development and Shavlego Tabatadze, Imereti Governor.

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