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We Have To Fulfil Not 12, But 30 Points In Order To Have European Country - Businessman

Luka Lekveishvili

20.07.22 17:00 537 ნახვა

Businessman Temur Chkonia states that the Georgian people and the government should proactively work on the development of a 12-point plan to become a country in line with European standards.

Chkhonia told BMG that the main thing is to create a country that carries the right values, the importance of which the population should understand well.

"I think that we still need to work for those 12 points, whether they accept us in the EU or not. We have to ask the question: do we need the recommendations that the EU gave us, regardless of the membership or status. Isn’t this the formula of a successful country? It must be secondary whether they accept us or not.

We should fulfill not 12 but 30 points in order to have a country with European standards. If they accept us, we will be grateful, if not, we will maintain the standards. I can give you a very simple example: while countries need years to get into NATO, Finland and Sweden took membership within an hour. Why? Because they were ready and we should be too. We should know that we need the standards of a European country just because we want to live by them," Chkhonia believes.

The European Commission will prepare a report not by December 2022, but by 2023, on how Georgia has fulfilled the 12 recommendations issued by the European Commission.
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