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Renovated Gold Market To Be Opened In A Few Days - "Tbilisi Central"


08.06.23 17:00 267 ნახვა

Renovated Gold Market will be opened in a few days on the first floor of "Tbilisi Central". Natia Kadagishvili, the financial director of "Tbilisi Centrali" spoke about this while visiting TV-program "Women's Narrative".

"We recently completed an important project, we expanded the Gold Market on the first floor of Tbilisi Central and expanded it to a large area. The new space is equipped according to modern standards, where we will offer customers even more diverse jewelry, the market is located on an area of 5,000 square meters," she explained.

In addition, the financial director talked about the plans for the near future and noted about the expansion of the company in other areas is also planned.

"Gold Market occupies 5,000 sq.m out of 25,000 sq.m., while 20-25 large stores occupy the rest of the area. We have small jewelry islands in the corridor, where we allow small entrepreneurs to carry out their activities and earn income, " she said.

Today the administration of "Tbilisi Central" consists of a team of 95 people, and 1,500 people are employed throughout the center.
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