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Ropetaxi Might Be Opened In Tbilisi

05.06.23 13:00

Swiss cable car manufacturer BARTHOLET has entered Georgia. The company will study the possibility of introducing its innovative product in the country.

The point is that a cable taxi can operate as a public transport in densely populated urban areas. Ropetaxi differs from a regular cable car as its gondola moves only when a passenger is sitting in it. The passenger can choose the route itself. This function is available by the arrangement of an interconnected system of ropeways.

Roland Bartholet, CEO of Bartholet, explained while visiting Forbes Week, that their activities in Georgia will mainly focus not on the construction of cable cars in mountain and ski areas, but they will study the possibilities of cable taxi development in urban centers and propose the implementation of this solution to municipalities.

Company Bartholet has developed 312 ropeway projects in 32 countries of the world.
საფონდო ბირჟები
საფონდო ბირჟები