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Russia wants to drag Armenia into war with Azerbaijan - pro-government MP

14.12.22 18:30
Russia wants to drag Armenia into a war with Azerbaijan, Vigen Khachatryan, an MP from the ruling Civil Contract party, said on Wednesday when speaking at an emergency parliament session.

"I am more than sure that Russia wants to drag us into a war with Azerbaijan... We should understand this and directly negotiate with Azerbaijan and our partners. Russia wants to drag us into the war," Khachatryan reiterated.

"Armed to the teeth Russian peacekeepers watched as a few 'bashi-bazouks' set up tents (to block the road). Did any peacekeeper come up and say 'keep the corridor open?" he wondered.

Khachatryan then suggested asking the West for help.

"We should ask our foreign colleagues to help us and demand that Russia either fulfill its obligations or give up its obligations," he said.

During a rally in support of Artsakh in Yerevan on Tuesday, opposition MP Ishkhan Saghatelyan from Hayastan faction blamed the current situation on the Armenian authorities.

"The Republic of Armenia should very clearly state that it is a guarantor of security of Artsakh and Artsakh people," Saghatelyan said.

‘This situation shows that the Armenian side must seriously engage in discussions with international colleagues on an international mandate to have an international monitoring mission on the territory of Artsakh,’ parliament speaker Alen Simonyan said.

Regarding the mandate of Russian peacekeepers, he noted that the situation once again shows that Russian peacekeeping forces are needed there and their mandate should be extended.

"Perhaps we should consider not only the format of Russian peacekeepers, but also the possibility of exercising control there through other international formats," Simonyan said.

Artsakh has appeared in a de facto blockade, with the rights of thousands of its citizens being violated after Azerbaijanis blocked the Stepanakert-Goris interstate highway, the only road linking Artsakh with Armenia.

The road has been closed for the third day already. On the evening of December 13 Azerbaijan also discontinued the supply of natural gas to Artsakh closing the valve on the pipeline that pumps natural gas to Artsakh from Armenia, ARKA reports.

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