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SOCAR Energy Ukraine Reduces Gasoline Import by 20%

13.10.21 22:00

In September, SOCAR Energy Ukraine, a subsidiary of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) in Ukraine, imported 4,700 tons of gasoline, down 1,200 tons or 20.3% from the previous year, Report informs, citing Ukrainian media.
The company imported the gasoline from Poland. 
In the reporting period, Ukraine’s total gasoline import made up 118,400 tons, 16,900 tons, or 16.6% more than a year earlier.
The growth was caused by the import of 91,000 tons from Belarus, up 13.4% from a year earlier.

Poland exported 27,400 tons of gasoline in the reporting period.
In January-September 2021, Ukraine imported 925,000 tons of gasoline, showing a 15% increase in comparison to a year earlier.
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