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Summer Was A Good Experience For Us - Cafe-Bar Posta

Natia Taktakishvili
12.12.22 15:00
Posta, the first cafe bar in Racha, was launched in the summer of this year. As its founder Guja Kilasonia says, the bar hosted quite many guests.

Guja Kilasonia spoke to BM.GE about the future plans and noted that they are planning to expand, add a social cafe as well as organize various events from next spring.

As he notes, "Posta" was an innovation for the region, which caused more interest than expected.

"This summer was a good experience for us. Demand was great, while we could not handle it. It was an innovation for the region, which caused a lot of interest and we had much more guests than we expected. The main part of guests were vacationers and tourists, especially from European countries.

With the end of the summer season, we had to temporarily close, because in winter there are much less people in Racha, which hinders the work of the business. We are adding a space for a social cafe, where film screenings will be held, a veranda will be added to the bar, and various events will be held in the city with the support of "Posta". For this, we are participating in one of the grant competitions, the name of which we cannot name at the moment, but we have already passed certain stages, and if everything goes well, we will continue to operate with news from April," says Guja Kilasonia.

When asked what challenges the small businesses in Racha face in addition to the lack of people in winter, Kilasonia says that the main problem is the transportation of products and lack of staff.

"The main difficulty in the summer and now is distribution, for example, "G di Alco", "Red Bull", meat distributors, etc., due to low demand, they rarely come to the region, and we had to wait or transport the products from Kutaisi with our own funds. , which increases the costs so much that it is actually not worth it anymore", - explains the founder of "Posta".

Posta was created with the personal investment of the founder, which amounted to GEL 10,000. It offers customers modern cuisine and various types of drinks.

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