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TBC Bank Has A New Shareholder

Natia Taktakishvili
29.09.21 12:30
JSC TBC Bank has a new shareholder. According to the Financial Report Q2, submitted to the National Bank of Georgia (NBG), Allan Gray Investment Management holds 5.32% of the bank. However, the company is not mentioned in the Q1 Financial Report, so it became the owner of a 5% stake in the parent company of TBC PLC during the Q2.

Allan Gray Investment Management is a South African investment holding company operating in the UK, Australia and the US in addition to Africa.

Currently, more than 5% of TBC Bank shares are owned by:

Founders - 14.59%, including Mamuka Khazaradze 8.6%; Badri Japaridze 6%;
Dunross & Co. - 7.41%-share;
Allan Gray Investment Management - 5.32%-stake;
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - 5.05% -share.

Now, the value of the bank’s shares is GBP 13.56, and the company has a market capitalization of GBP 749 million.

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