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The Government Will Increase Funding for the Public Broadcaster to 81.8 Million by 2022

04.10.21 20:00
Funding for the Public Broadcaster will increase by 12.6 million in 2022 and will reach a record 81.8 million GEL, according to the draft budget submitted by the government to the parliament.

This is much more than the private advertising revenue of any private broadcaster, hence the public broadcaster will retain the title of the richest channel next year.

Despite much higher revenue compared to private broadcasters, the Public Broadcaster rating is still low, at 3.38% (SHR) between September 20-26, according to TVMR, ranking sixth. For comparison, the share of Imedi, the highest rated company in the same period, was 22.96% (SHR).

According to the Law on Broadcasting, the budget funding to be transferred to the Public Broadcaster is tied to the size of Georgia's GDP, therefore its growth is conditioned by the growth of nominal GDP.

"The main source of financing for public broadcasting is the state budget of Georgia. The amount of public broadcasting funding is not less than 0.14% of the gross domestic product determined for the previous year, taking into account the macro parameters existing during the draft annual law on the state budget of Georgia," the law reads.