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The New Life Of "Old Film Studio"

29.06.23 13:43
"Sodi Investment" is pleased to announce that the renovation-development process of the "Old Film Studio" building and its surrounding area, located on Agmashenebeli Avenue in Tbilisi, has entered an active phase.

Based on the cultural and historical importance of the "Old Film Studio" building, the company decided to organize an architectural competition, for which "Sodi Investment" selected the construction management company "LSG Solutions," which has experience working with international architects and experts.

Following cultural and historical factors, "Sodi Investment" has set a goal to hold an architectural competition with the involvement of local and international experts. The competition aims to select an architectural concept by a competent jury to harmonize with the capital's historical, cultural, and economic development potential.

"We are sure that the development plan of the "Old Film Studio," selected with the right collaboration of business and community representatives, will make the appearance of modern Tbilisi charming and attractive and will become an organic part of its unique soul", - the company says.

"Sodi Investment" and "LSG Solutions" have actively started the pre-competition preparatory stage from the end of May this year, including conducting all necessary research to form competition conditions.

You can find the company's statement here.


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