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The Presentation of the Strategy and Action Plan for 2018-2020 by Sophio Katsarava

27.11.18 17:37
The Committee published the future priorities of the activity. The presentation of the Strategy and Action Plan for 2018-2020 was attended by the representatives of the Parliament, executive authority, diplomatic corps, international organizations and civil society.

“I would like to express my consent and my pride for the Foreign Relations Committee for the first time developing the strategy and the action plan with the details of the measures scheduled for 2 upcoming years. I believe that this document will ensure the framework of the key leverage of the Parliament envisaging enhancement of the oversight functions and facilitate to further improvement of the system. The Committee strives to make our activity more consistent and institutionalized”, - the Chair, Sophio Katsarava noted.

The action plan is the first step to further realize the foreign policy priorities and the strategy from the ephemeral ideas. Most of the objectives in the strategy are already stipulated under the Parliamentary Resolution of 2016 on Foreign Policy.

“Importance of security and stability for the country like Georgia is even noteworthy today which is clearly underlined in the strategy, which provides the instruments for the Committee to, in cooperation with other Parliaments in bilateral and trilateral format, ensure implementation of the tasks. The Action Plan in details stipulates the steps to be made by the Committee for the next 2 years. It is noteworthy that these steps are already implemented within January-November 2018. Successful foreign policy of the country is conditioned with the domestic success of the country, that is why Georgia is progressive”, - she noted.

The First Vice Speaker, Tamar Chugoshvili also addressed the attendees: “Strategy and Action Plan for 2018-2020 of the Committee is important for the Parliamentary activity for due realization of the Parliamentary and the Committee activity and clear definition of the objectives we want to achieve, as well as the measures for achievement of the outlined goals, to allow the persons concerned in the Parliamentary activity being cognizant with the action plan for their effective engagement in the activity”.

Development of the strategy and action plan is now mandatory for all Committees. “These strategy and action plan introduced will allow MPs, our partners, Ambassadors and civil society being introduced to the plans of the Committee, their role in implantation of these plans assumed by the Committee in capacity of the commitments”.

She wished good luck to the Committee: “I believe since all the Committees are guided under the clearly formulated strategic approaches, the important actors will clearly observe the Parliamentary activity serving for development of the country”.

The presentation was attended by the Foreign Minister, David Zalkaniani.

“It is important for the Foreign Committee to be equipped with the action plan to address the challenges in this changing world”, - he noted.

The Ministry was involved in development of the documents. “We are guided under the Parliamentary Resolution of 2016 defining the foreign policy priorities, reflected in the Constitution and the Governmental program, one of the key principles of which is full-fledged membership to EU and NATO, as well as de-occupation of the country. Naturally, we have to actively cooperate in this direction”.

The Ministry will remain in coordination with the Committee. The strategy and action plan of the Committee were developed with support by EU, UNDP and IPU.

According to the Head of Policy, Press and Information Department of EU Embassy, Asuncion Sanchez Ruiz, Parliamentary activity is of key importance for development of Parliamentary democracy: “EU is a strong supporter of Georgian Parliament in oversight function. I believe, it is yet another example of close cooperation between EU and Georgian Government. The Parliaments play a key role in democratic development and we will always support it”.

The Head of the UNDP Democratic Governance Office, Gigi Bregadze underlined importance of Parliamentary openness: “I hail that the Parliamentary Committees act in compliance with the Parliamentary openness principles and are committed to hold the open dialogue with the society about the strategic priorities”.

The Parliament shall be particularly active in initiatives and reforming: “it is noteworthy that the draft Rules of Procedure, provision of analytical and research capacity development and active involvement of the Parliament in OGP facilitate to the Parliament to become stronger and more effective as stipulated under the Constitution. Development of the strategy and action plan will facilitate to better coordination with the Government and NGOs”.

The strategy and action plan emphasize the legislative steps facilitating to restoration of territorial integrity of Georgia, EU and NATO integration, strategic partnership with USA and regional cooperation.

The practice of development and establishment of the action plans of the Committees started since 2014 supported by EU and UNDP. 8 out of 15 Committees started promulgation of these documents.

According to the action plan of the Parliament for 2017, this obligation was imposed on all Committees.

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