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The Regional Policy And Self-Government Committee Endorsed the Draft Law On State Budget 2023

The Committee discussed the Draft Law on State Budget 2023 introduced by the First Deputy Finance Minister, Giorgi Kakauridze. The reporter dwelt on macroeconomic and fiscal indices and noted that the real economic growth forecast for 2023 has increased to 6.5%, and the GDP devaluation forecast has decreased to 3.1%.

The inflation forecast is also decreased to 2.6% and the nominal GDP capacity is determined by GEL 78.8 billion. He listed the agencies that will enjoy higher assignments.

“The assignments for the Regional Ministry include the projects and additionally GEL 20 million for elimination of the natural disaster consequences. These assets will be directed to partially finance the works in Racha and Guria. In total, the assignments for the Ministry are increased up to GEL 3 351 million”.
The Committee endorsed the Draft.

Kakauridze also introduced sundry documents submitted by the Government for ratification. The Committee endorsed the documents.