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Small Scale Livestock Farming Is Launched In Kareli

Natia Taktakishvili
05.07.22 12:00
A new small-scale livestock farm is launched in the village of Mokhisi, Kareli municipality. Now the farm has 31 cows and daily production is 60 liters of milk, from which over 10 kg of cheese is produced.

According to the founder of the farm, Levan Gochiashvili, friends started the small farming with personal finances, and in order to find additional resources, they took advantage of the agro-loan from the Bank of Georgia.

"At this stage, we produce 10 kg of cheese from 60 liters of milk per day in the farm and sell it in Khashuri. We started the business on our own, and after running out of funds, "Bank of Georgia" offered us a financial resource tailored to us in the amount of GEL 30,000. With their support, we were able to finish the project", he says.

The entrepreneurs continue to cooperate with "Bank of Georgia", within the framework of which the farm was equipped with the necessary tools.

"The bank allocated us additional resources, with which we bought aggregates, including a mower. Our mowing area reaches 12 ha, and in case of hiring workers, we would have to pay at least GEL 4,000 to complete this work. With the help of "Bank of Georgia", we saved this amount", explains Levan Gochiashvili.

The managers of the farm also have an expansion plan. According to Levan Gochiashvili, the area of the farm will increase to 10 hectares in the future.

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