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Turkish Investors Scaled Back Their Investment Pace - Osman Turan

30.05.23 13:00

Turkish investors are still entering Georgia, but they scaled back their investment pace, - Osman Turan, chairman of Georgian and Turkish Businessmen Association said. Osman Turan noted there is a stable environment in Georgia, despite the difficult situation in the region.

"We should note the political situation. The elections in Turkey have ended peacefully and this is very good for Georgia. There is an economic crisis around and it has a negative effect on all countries. However, from the Turkish business perspective, Georgia still sees a stable situation, and a healthy environment, investors are still entering the country, but not at the same pace as before. However, there are positive changes", said Osman Turan.

According to Osman Turan, there is no painful problem between Turkey and Georgia today.

"Turkish businessmen do not have communication problems, although there are cases when they encounter long processes and procedures in relation to bureaucracy," - said Osman Turan.
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