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Supreme Court Made A Final Decision On Ucha Mamatsashvili's Lawsuit - Lawyer

Natia Taktakishvili

24.03.23 13:00 373 ნახვა

Businessman Ucha Mamatsashvili's lawyer, Amiran Giguashvili said, the Supreme Court rejected the cassation appeal of the anti-corruption movement and its founders, Vaso Urushadze and Lasha Parulava on March 23, and upheld the decisions of the lower court, according to which the so-called allegations related to call centers and electricity imports were found to be false. The defendants were ordered to pay moral damages in favor of Ucha Mamatsashvili, along with publicly denying the defamatory allegations.

"According to the decision of the Supreme Court, it was finally confirmed that the statements against Mr. Ucha Mamatsashvili regarding the patronage of call centers and imports of electricity, were complete lies and slander. The public clearly saw that it was an organized political dirty campaign that served to discredit Mr. Ucha Mamatsashvili. From the first day, we declared that all the accusations against Mr. Ucha Mamatsashvili were lies, and the highest instance court confirmed this indisputable truth, which was the purpose of our lawsuit.

As for the anti-corruption movement and its founders, Lasha Parulava and Vaso Urushadze, 5,000-5,000 GEL in the form of moral damages, as Amiran Giguashvili states, these funds will be fully used for the "Basilyada" boarding house for the elderly operating in Tbilisi", - Amiran Giguashvili said.
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