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Ukraine exported over 1M tonnes of wheat to Africa in Dec 2022

16.12.22 14:30
In December 2022, Ukraine exported more than 1 million tonnes of wheat to African countries, which is 25.08% of the total shipments. The relevant statement was made by the Ukrainian Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry.

This month Ukraine’s exports of agricultural products to the countries on the edge of starvation have increased by 138 thousand tonnes.

As of December 14, 2022, as part of the ‘grain corridor’, a total of 554 vessels left the Odesa region’s ports, loaded with 13.9 million tonnes of Ukrainian-produced agricultural products, namely 4 million tonnes of wheat and 5.9 million tonnes of corn.

Over the past two weeks, Ukraine’s agricultural shipments have increased by 1.6 million tonnes, including 399 thousand tonnes of wheat and 911 thousand tonnes of corn.

On Wednesday, December 14, 2022, four ships left the Odesa region’s ports, carrying 69.5 thousand tonnes of agricultural products towards Asia. Two tankers loaded with 54 thousand tonnes of sunflower oil for India were among them.

Currently, twenty-two vessels are being handled at the Odesa region’s ports. They will be loaded with 730 thousand tonnes of agricultural products. Six more vessels are expected to enter the Ukrainian ports in the near future, Ukrinform reports.

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