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WB: Number of Fully Vaccinated People in Azerbaijan is Higher than World Average

06.10.21 20:00
By the end of September, the number of people fully vaccinated was higher than the world average in five countries of Europe and Central Asia (Azerbaijan, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, and Turkey), Report informs, citing the World Bank (WB).
According to WB, although the vaccination rate has recently increased, the number of vaccine doses in about a third of the region's economies was nearly half or less of the global ratio, in part due to high vaccine reluctance.
In many European and Central Asian countries with low vaccination rates, the increase in coronavirus deaths in the third quarter was particularly noticeable.

To date, over 8.7 million vaccine shots have been administered in Azerbaijan. More than 4.8 million have got only one vaccine shot, and the number of fully vaccinated is nearing 4 million.

In August, Azerbaijan launched an online queuing service for the third (booster) dose of vaccine.

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