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We Are Loaded By 95% - Bude

31.08.22 16:00

The founder of the tourist facility "Bude" located in Mestia evaluates the current tourist season with bm.ge. According to Tatia Tetrashvili, the post-pandemic season is unprecedentedly active and currently their load equlas to 95%.

According to her, international visitors predominate among vacationers and tourists are mainly from Arab and European countries.

"It's a very good season. August is 95% booked. July was also quite active. Local vacationers are less than international vacationers. They are mainly from Arab and European countries, there are also Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian tourists.

This year we expanded and added one more cottage to the existing 10. This cottage is relatively for the high-income segment. We are planning to add the same type of cottages," - says the founder of "Bude".

"Bude" combines 11 cottages in Mestia and offers vacationers accommodation, breakfast and dinner. A total of 36 people can be accommodated in the tourist facility.
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