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We Try To Establish Business Relations With European Suppliers - Matters

Women's clothing, shoes and accessories brand Matters declares that the Georgian brand plans to export its products abroad, as well as to add men's line.

According to Elene Kakhidze, Co-founder of Matters, the company has also started working on shoes this year.

"Until now, we have offered our customers only clothes and a small amount of accessories, but today women can choose a complete "look" with us. In the future, the brand plans to work more actively in the direction of shoes and export its products. We also want to add a men's line," Kakhidze said.

Speaking about raw materials, the founder says that in the current field, Georgian companies are facing great difficulties due to the scarcity of raw materials and suppliers.

"We attach great importance to the raw material selection process and try to use the most natural and high-quality material. Some of the necessary materials are supplied by local suppliers who import products from neighboring countries. A certain share of the silk used in the brand's collections is imported from China, and at this stage, we are trying to establish business relations with European suppliers in order to offer customers a very distinctive and diverse product", she said.

Matters, a Georgian brand of women's clothing, shoes and accessories, appeared on the market in 2018 with an investment of GEL 3000. Matters employs five people, the brand also collaborates with three tailors and various companies. The average monthly production of the brand is 300 units. In the international market, its collection is presented in Poland and Israel, while the company is successfully operating on the ETSY.com platform. At this stage, Matters products can only be purchased online, on the website www matters.ge and also on the Facebook and Instagram pages.