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We Want To Increase Hotel Room Number To 50 - Hameau Mukhrani

Hotel Hameau Mukhrani, located in the center of Mukhrani village, is already planning to expand, - hotel manager Anna Gabashvili told BMG.

"Our 18-room hotel offers a unique design, which includes the synthesis of wood, clay and other high-quality materials and provides a warm atmosphere. It should be noted that the hotel is located in the middle of Mukhrani village and creates a very quiet and cozy environment for guests to relax. We plan to expand in the future, which means increasing the room number to 50", she said.

In addition, the manager said that the hotel is focused on high-income customers, and the price of a room ranges from GEL 200 to GEL 300 depending on the season.

Gabashvili also spoke about the consumer's attitude and difficulties in the market, which are related to the shortage of personnel in the market.

The hotel also has a restaurant, which serves not only vacationers but also external guests. Along with the expansion of the hotel, the expansion of the restaurant is also planned.

The hotel was opened in September 2023.