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We Want To Place All Insurance products On Our Platform - "Frani"

The insurance broker company "Frani" has been on the market for 6 months. The idea of the startup is that the customers can get the desired insurance services within 3-4 minutes at no additional cost.

The founder and director of "Frani" Giorgi Abuladze spoke about the company's future plans and conditions while visiting TV-program "Business Morning".

"We are represented on the market with one product, which is travel insurance, we cooperate with 12 insurance companies and offer customers a specific insurance product tailored to their needs. On the platform, you fill out a questionnaire, choose an insurance company and purchase a product, the process is the same as when purchasing any insurance product, the difference is that with us it can be done in a few minutes," he added.

Speaking about future plans, Abuladze notes that the company will add three more products to the platform by the end of the year.

"We want to place all the existing products of insurance companies on our platform, by the end of the year we will add third-party liability insurance for cars, we will have travel insurance for non-resident visitors, and we will also add health insurance, we want to add all this by the end of 2023, which we are actively working on," he said.

Insurance broker company "Frani" was founded in 2023 and its team consists of 13 people, the company was founded with an investment of about GEL 400,000. The user can use the platform for 24 hours a day.