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We Work On The Markets Of Poland, France, Germany And Asia - Wine Cellar

Natia Taktakishvili
30.05.22 15:00
Sopho Lekishvili, co-founder of Tchrebalo Wine Cellar in Racha, declares that last year wine produced in Racha were exported to such countries as the United States and the Baltic states.

She notes, that negotiations are also already underway with other countries. Accordingly, Tchrebalo Wine Cellar does not rule out an increase in export volumes this year.

"Since 2020, wine exports have grown significantly. We have entered the American market, also in the Baltics, and are already working in the markets of Poland, Germany, France and Asia. Georgian wine really has potential, there is a lot of news.

In Racha, we have interesting news about dry wines. Dry Aleksndrouli is mainly exported, as well as one of our wines Barakoni. In addition to that, semi-sweet wines were also exported to the USA, such as Khvanchkara and Tvishi. That was a novelty in our wine range, which we set for the first time and it turned out to be quite successful,” said Sopho Lekishvili, co-founder of Tchrebalo Cellar.