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What Are The Parameters For The Budget 2022?

Natia Taktakishvili
04.10.21 17:30
The draft budget 2022 prepared by the Ministry of Finance has already been submitted to the Parliament. According to the document, the government expects 6% economic growth next year, which should increase the size of GDP to a nominal GEL 64.7 billion. As for budget expenditures, it will decrease by GEL 1.05 billion compared to 2021, to GEL 18.5 billion. The main reason for this decrease is the reduction of costs related to the pandemic by GEL 850 million. The budget for the management of the COVID-19 is 500 million GEL, which is 310 million less than this year.

The total salary of 112.7 thousand people employed in the ministries will increase by 20 million GEL in 2022, to 1.65 billion GEL.

According to the ministries, the budget of 18.4 billion is distributed as follows:

Ministry of Refugees, Labor, Health and Social Affairs - 5.94 billion GEL, a decrease of GEL 151 million compared to 2021. The funds are distributed within the Ministry as follows:

•Pension - GEL 2.88 billion. According to the document, the basic pension for pensioners under 70 will be GEL 260, and above 70 will be GEL 300;
•Assistance to the socially vulnerable - GEL 983 million;
•Management of COVID-19 GEL 500 million, decrease by 2021 GEL 310 million;
•Universal Health Care Program - GEL 820 million;
•Immunization - GEL 50 million;

Ministry of Infrastructure - GEL 2.84 billion, an increase of GEL 323 million by 2021;
Ministry of Education - GEL 1.64 billion, an increase of GEL 113 million by 2021. According to the document, it is planned to increase the basic salaries of teachers by GEL 100 from 2022.
Ministry of Culture and Sports - GEL 343 million; Decrease by GEL 8.21 million by 2021;
Ministry of Environment and Agriculture - GEL 577 million, decrease by GEL 51 million by 2021;
Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development - GEL 741.0 million, which is an increase of GEL 98.2 million compared to the approved plan for 2021;
Ministry of Justice - GEL 268.4 million, which is 28 million less than in 2021;
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - GEL175.5 million, which is 5 million more than in 2021;
Ministry of Defense - GEL 918.0 million, which is 12 million less than in 2021;
Ministry of Internal Affairs - GEL 800.0 million, which is 20 million GEL more than in 2021.