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What does the draft budget 2022 say on Anaklia Port?

Natia Taktakishvili

04.10.21 17:00 639 ნახვა

The draft state budget for 2022 reads, that 1.5 million GEL is provided for the development of the Anaklia deep-water port. 162 thousand GEL more will be spent on the salaries of 8 employees in 2022.

As for the goals and objectives of this expenditure, as stated in the explanation card of the draft budget, next year the Government of Georgia intends to support the development of the Anaklia deep-water port project and monitor new investment agreements. However, the same note was made in the draft state budget for 2021, which was submitted to the Parliament by the Ministry of Finance in 2020:

“Anaklia deep-water port construction project will be launched, which will not only have a significant impact on improving Georgia's transit potential, but also increase the country's role in the region and turn it into a logistics center”.

The Government of Georgia terminated the investment agreement with Anaklia Development Consortium Ltd. on January 9, 2020. Accordingly, the issue of developing a new expression of interest proposal for the Anaklia Port project was on the agenda.

Following the termination of the contract, the agency was transferred from the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure to the Ministry of Economy and its functions were redefined. Under the new regulations, the agency will work on developing and announcing the terms of expression of interest for the Anaklia Deepwater Port Development Project, updating or conducting research to attract potential investors, disseminating information about the project, coordinating with international financial institutions and selecting candidates.
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