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What Does The First Raw Vegan Food Cafe Offer Customers In Tbilisi?

Natia Taktakishvili
08.12.22 11:00
The first raw vegan cafe "Ummi" was opened on Shavteli Street in Tbilisi over a year ago. As its co-founder Salome Kalandadze says, the main goal was to share the secret of maintaining health and energy with people.

Speaking to BM.GE, she said that the vegan food is not boiled, grilled or baked. Here you will find a full range of dishes, although pots and pans are not involved in the creation of any of them.

"There is no raw vegan food cafe in Georgia, we are the first, this method is now gaining a foothold in Europe and is directly related to human health - skin, hair quality, regulation of sleep patterns and treatment of diseases. The main goal was to share with people the benefits of this nutrition. We don't have a pan and a pot in the kitchen, only a blender. We don't bake, roast or boil dishes, we have four technologies - germination, dehydration, freezing and fermentation - this is how raw pizza, dried bread, zucchini noodles are created", - says Salome Kalandadze.

The co-founder of "Ummi" says that 90% of customers are foreign tourists, for whom it is very pleasant news that they have the opportunity to use a similar service in Georgia, and people who want to lose weight are also interested.

As for the investment in the creation of the cafe, according to her, everything started at home with zero investment:

"At first, we prepared everything at home, when the money came in, we returned it and slowly moved forward. A year ago, with the help of "Shark Tank", we received co-financing of GEL 70,000 and expanded".

"Ummi" currently employs about 15 people. It can accommodate up to 30 guests in the cafe, and the cost of meals varies between GEL 15- GEL40.

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