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WoodTiness Products To Be Exported Abroad

WoodTiness products, which manufactures handmade wooden accessories, are exported abroad. As the founder of the brand, Tamta Mosiashvili, said during a visit to tv-program "Women's Narrative", negotiations have already begun and in 2024, WoodTiness products will appear in Italy, Germany and the USA.

"We actively participate in various exhibitions, both in Georgia and abroad. So far, we have negotiations with Italy, Germany and the USA, and "WoodTiness" will also appear in these countries next year," - notes Tamta Mosiashvili.

Various types of accessories are made under the WoodTiness brand: brooches, earrings and bracelets.

"Up to 700 different designs of brooches are presented in our collection, the collections change and update over time. At this stage, we have several directions", Tamta Mosiashvili said.

"WoodTiness" products are made of wood and organic glass, the average cost of which ranges from GEL 10 to GEL 15. The brand is represented on the market for 5 years and employees 8 people.