26.Jun .2022 12:14

DFC CEO Scott Nathan Visits Georgia


Now to our main interview of the week that Giorgi Isakadze conducted for The Checkpoints. DFC - U.S. International Development Finance Corporation. Its CEO Scott Nathan visited Tbilisi, Georgia, along with Riga, Latvia.

In Latvia, CEO Nathan led the U.S. delegation to the Three Seas Summit in Riga, accompanied by representatives from the Departments of Commerce, Energy, and State. CEO Nathan’s participation will focus on U.S. investments in the Three Seas countries and Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund.

In Georgia, CEO Nathan met with current and prospective DFC clients, government leaders, and the local business community. He will visit DFC clients Gazelle Finance, TBC Bank and the American Hospital Tbilisi. With DFC’s support, Gazelle Finance and the American Hospital Tbilisi are taking on additional activities to benefit displaced Ukrainians in Georgia.

A Conversation with Scott Nathan, CEO of DFC upon his visit in Georgia.