12.Jun .2022 12:20

FDI Increases Four Fold in Georgia - 1Q22


The foreign direct investments (FDI) in Georgia amounted to USD 568.2 million in the first quarter of 2022, around USD 436 million more - that is more than 4 times higher compared to the same data from last year.

An increase in reinvestment and equity is considered to be the main reason for the growth of FDI, - that’s what the figures from Geostat show.

According to the report, Spain reaching USD 196 million - that is 34.5% of the total investment in the first quarter this year - was the major foreign direct investor country, the United Kingdom was the second with USD 87 million - that’s 15.3% followed by Turkey with USD 67.1- and that’s 11.8%.

#TheCheckpoints - 12.06.2022