28.Nov .2022 15:56

Interview with Rana Karadsheh International Finance Corporation (IFC) Regional Director in Europe


International Finance Corporation (IFC) has appointed Rana Karadsheh as Regional Director for Europe. Karadsheh has over 25 years of expertise in worldwide finance. Not too long ago she served as Regional Industry Director, Manufacturing, Agribusiness and Services (MAS), Asia and Pacific. 

Georgia became an IFC member and shareholder in 1995. IFC has provided close to $2 billion in long-term financing, of which $980 million was mobilized from partners, in 60 projects in financial services, agribusiness, manufacturing, and infrastructure. In addition, IFC has supported more than $394 million in trade through its trade finance program, and implemented a number of advisory projects focused on developing the private sector. Here’s more from our interview.