23.May .2021 22:35

Loic Pasquet returns to Georgia


And as a follow-up on my exclusive interview, our viewers and followers might remember how one of the most influential winemakers in the world got interested in doing business in Georgia and how Gocha Chkhaidze and Loic Pasquet, the founder of "Liber Pater", the company which produces the most expensive wine in the world, have become partners and are planning to work on the joint project together.

Yes, Giorgi. I remember how Loic Pasquet promised you and our viewers and followers in that interview, he would be back with a much more detailed plan on how to make Georgia - this time the country of the most expensive wine. He kept his promise. He came back to Georgia. But, I won’t say more - this time Mariam Adamia will focus on further developments.

#TheCheckpoints - 23.05.2021