25.Apr .2021 22:14

Meet TBM Evolution Group


Connecting industry professionals, creating direct and indirect forms of communication for players from different sectors, leading Forbes Fortune 500 companies as clients, and a new strategy to present Georgia on the world map - all this is connected to the Czech company TBM Evolution Group, headed by young Georgian leader - Tamaz Chokhonelidze. The main domain of operation of TBM is to use various business tools - to create the most relevant conferences and communication networks for the industry. TBM's client list already includes companies such as Tesla, Microsoft, Royal Dutch Shell, and others. Despite the pandemic, Chokhonelidze decided to open a regional office in Tbilisi in 2021. What is TBM Evolution Group and what are the goals of the company in Georgia?

Tamaz Chokhonelidze, Partner, TBM Evolution Group