19.Jun .2022 15:23

Post-Pandemic Working Environment - New Trends


To dig deeper into the new working trends and models that have emerged after the pandemic. For over a year the whole world has been in a strict lockdown and millions of people had to stay at home for work. This was a grand scale experiment since nobody knew if companies or countries would function properly when offices shut down.This was an inspiration for dutch researcher and leading Human Resources Consultant. Kilian Wawoe who wrote a book based on his survey that was conducted around the world, including in Georgia. Mr. Wawoe was recently in Georgia and talked with our reporter Shota Tkeshelashvili about the prospects of a post-pandemic working environment. As Mr. Wawoe’s research shows the hybrid working model is here to stay, but the managers have to make correct decisions when choosing future models for their companies. Interview with Kilian Wawoe, HR Consultant, on Prospects of a Post-Pandemic Working Environment