25.Apr .2021 22:34

Q&A: BioCcure


Started with Ecologist - Mariam Mchedlishvili’s work back in 1999, the company BioCure’s patented technology of isolating indigenous oil-oxidizing bacterial cultures from spill sites outperforms any other bioremediation solution on the market. Winner of TBC business award for best innovation - BioCure is now moving forward with international partnerships to enter key global markets. it might be a huge milestone for a Georgian company to enter the oil spill management market, which is predicted to hit 140 – 175 billion USD by 2025, as market estimates assert.

Mariam Mchedlishvili, CSO (Chief Science Officer), BioCcure
Teimuraz Rukhaia, CEO, BioCure Georgia
Colin Donohue, CEO, BioCure USA