20.Sep .2021 02:33

#TheCheckPoints - Tribute to Niko Kvaratskhelia


Listening to you, Giorgi and mourning this young man on Forbes Georgia list 30 UNDER 30. This is such a tragedy for the small country that has limited chances to expand globally and Niko Kvaratskhelia was the one who had both - the motivation and the capacity to check-in Georgia on the world map. This death of a young entrepreneur, a young employer is also very unfortunate for this country since if we look at the current statistics of Georgia we will see that the unemployment mainly targets those aged 20 to 40 - the ones who are the most productive, the most open to new experiences and knowledge, those who have the most potential to create a well-functioning middle class in this country. I surely hope that all involved in this brutal murder will be identified and sentenced. Silence and inaction will bury this country deep into the hole of the dark 90s - the devastating results of which we have already experienced in the history of this country and in the era of such technological achievements and breakthroughs as that of Niko Kvaratskhelia as well - there will no longer be a chance for Georgia to be on even terms with the rest of the world. So, instead of one-minute silence - I suggest all of us watch our old video that you just mentioned - Niko Kvaratskhelia with his big plans on the 30 UNDER 30 List.