24.Jan .2022 00:02

Turkish Companies' Plans in Georgia's Energy Sector


It is obvious that investors have problems with local communities and the latest example is the case of Namakhvani Hydropower Project. ENKA, the investor company of Namakhvani has closed its offices in Tbilisi and Kutaisi. As BM.GE has been informed, most of the company’s employees have already left their jobs. On the background of the protest - Turkish contractor company ENKA Renewables, notified the government of Georgia that it was terminating the project in the country. The statement published by the company read that the reason for the cancellation of the contract was the violation of the terms and force majeure. Considering this case, our reporter Tamta Jijavadze gave some questions to the Turkish Ambassador in Georgia to find out other Turkish companies' plans in Georgia's energy sector.