19.Jun .2022 15:03

VCs in Tbilisi: Conversations with Bill Reichert and Marvin Liao


Actually, I conducted two more interviews. Getting Venture-Ready - the event organized by Startup Grind Tbilisi and sponsored by the USAID Economic Security Program and Bank of Georgia was held last Wednesday at Stamba Hotel. In attendance were three top venture capitalists from Silicon Valley who visited Georgia under the program of Georgia’s Innovation and Technology Agency. We had a chance to talk to two venture capitalists one on one. One of them was Bill Reichert, partner at Pegasus Tech Ventures - one of the investors at SpaceX, Airbnb, 23&Me, Coinbase, and many more. I talked to Bill about Georgia, our startup ecosystem, and the importance of formal education. Talking to Bill was an absolute pleasure.

A Conversation with Bill Reichert, Partner at Pegasus Tech Ventures

In attendance was Marvin Liao, who is a partner at Diaspora Ventures, Gamesgroove Capital, and Bad Ideas Fund. Marvin also served as a partner at 500 Startups for six years, where he created their flagship accelerator in San Francisco and invested in over four hundred early-stage deals. I talked to Marvin about his investments, the Georgian startup ecosystem, and the government’s role in this process. Let’s watch the interview.

A Conversation with Marvin Liao, Partner at Diaspora Ventures