13.Aug .2020 18:17

According to Gakharia, the government will subsidize purchase of apple

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According to the decision of the Government of Georgia, subsidies will be provided for the purchase of nonstandard apples to ensure, as the head of the government stated, that not a single gram of the farmers' produce is left unutilized.

The amount of the subsidy is set at 10 tetris, as a result of which the price of nonstandard apples will amount to no less than 22 tetris for farmers.

"We have been providing sectoral assistance to various fields during the economic crisis, and we are paying special attention to agriculture. The main goal is for not a single gram of our farmers' produce to be left unutilized. This was the motive behind the assistance provided to winegrowers. The government is subsidizing the purchase of grapes this year and our next step will be to utilizethe apple harvest. The price of apples has dropped significantly on international markets, which is why we must make a decision to subsidize the purchase of nonstandard apples by 10 tetris, as per the recommendation of the Ministry of Agriculture. Ultimately, the price for farmers will be no less than 22 tetris. All companies involved in the Procurement Headquarters, which will be set up specifically to ensure the utilization of the apple harvest, will receive this subsidy in the amount of 10 additional tetris. This is very important for the region; therefore, we have to work in an appropriate and effective manner. This program will continue until December 2020," Giorgi Gakharia stated.