17.Apr .2020 17:43

Additional measures, the government imposes to tighten the imposed restrictions

Additional measures, the government imposes to tighten the imposed restrictions
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According to the government's decision, traveling by car will be completely forbidden from 12:00 on 17 April through 21 April. The government will have to declare a full quarantine if the restrictions are violated, Prime Minister's Advisor for International Affairs and Spokesman Irakli Chikovani stated during a briefing held at the Administration of the Government.

As the prime minister's advisor noted, the restriction does not apply to freight transportation and distribution vehicles.

"I would like to stress that grocery stores, pharmacies, and all other facilities that have been working until now will continue to operate as usual, as will the delivery services. Furthermore, companies operating within the range of permitted economic activities will need to apply to the corresponding ministries in order to obtain the permits necessary to ensure the transportation of their employees. They can also take advantage of the government's hotline by dialing 144," Irakli Chikovani stated.

According to him, starting tomorrow, wearing face masks in enclosed public spaces will be mandatory.

"Legal entities will be held responsible for the fulfillment of this requirement. I would like to remind you that the liability for legal entities has been set at 15,000 GEL. I would also like to remind you that starting tomorrow, restrictions will be imposed on entering cemeteries as well," the prime minister's advisor noted.

As Irakli Chikovani stated, if the restrictions imposed under the state of emergency are not rigorously observed by everyone, the epidemiological situation will deteriorate and the government will have to severely tighten the measures in the nearest future, which means declaring a full quarantine across the entire country.