21.Jan .2020 16:06

As Gigla Mikautadze Evaluates Tax Pressure is not High in Georgia


“Today, there is a normal tax environment and the pressure is not high”, Gigla Mikautadze, a member of party “LELO” told TV-program Business Morning.

According to him, for this very reason, the party does not consider tax reduction drastically.
Mikautadze believes that special attention should be paid to attracting of FDIs and export.

"If we take the GDP formula, according to spending, you will realize what is needed to grow GDP. I think today is a normal tax environment and the pressure is not so high. There are investments left and this means foreign direct investment as well as export, ”Gigla Mikautadze said.

According to Gigla Mikautadze, in the case of sound economic policy, Georgia has the potential to attract $ 20 billion in FDI.

“We think that in about 5-7 years Georgia can freely attract $ 20 billion of investment if we keep the FDI and GDP ratio at 15%, which we have had over the years; This is not very ambitious plan, it is completely achievable,”Mikautadze explains.