19.Nov .2020 20:00

Bakuriani Hotel Prices Reducing by 25–30% for Winter Season

Bakuriani Hotel Prices Reducing by 25–30% for Winter Season
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The majority of hotels in Bakuriani decided to decrease prices by around 25-30% during upcoming winter season. Hotel owners decided to shrink hotel rates for local tourists to boost domestic tourism, hoping that no additional lockdown will be imposed and they will manage to operate business. 
“Since we do not expect any foreign tourists for this winter season, we decided to adjust prices and comport with the solvency of local travelers who on their side have faced economic problems due to the global pandemic. Consequently, we have reduced rates by around 30% this year, as compared to the prior year,” Maya Labadze, Founder at Snow King Hotel, told BM.GE. 
For this season, price for a double room with the full board at Snow King Hotel from Dec 1 to Dec 27 will be GEL 180, from Dec 27 to Jan 7 – GEL 350 and from Jan 7 till the end of the month – GEL 250.
Before the pandemic Snow King Hotel used to host the largest number of foreign tourists during the New Year period, sharing 70%. 
The cost of a double room with the full board during December-January was GEL 200 at Hotel Europe Bakuriani last year. The price will be GEL 150 for this season. “However, it is still uncertain, if we manage to operate, since during summer the hotel was closed and now the pandemic conditions are even worse,”  said Irma Gobronidze, Owner of Hotel Europe Bakuriani.  
Hotel Europe Bakuriani has 17 rooms, of which 4 are suites, 4 are triple and 11 are double rooms and accommodates 50 guests. In Gobronidze’s words, in general, booking at the hotel for winter season was commencing from October. No booking has been made yet for this season.  
Monthly expenditure of the Hotel Europe Bakuriani, including staff salaries is GEL 10, 000. “We do not have any privileges in relation to utility costs, she added. 
Similarly to the Snow King Hotel and Hotel Europe Bakuriani, accommodation at Brick House Bakuriani will cost a guest 20-30% less this year.  
Cost of a double room with full board at a newly opened Brick House Bakuriani was GEL 140 during January-February of the prior year, going down by 20-30% this year, considering the solvency of local tourists. 
“We decided to reduce hotel rates for local tourists to boost domestic tourism”, Khatuna Berdzenishvili, Manager at Brick House Bakuriani, told BM.GE.