13.May .2020 18:58

Barbershop services should be increased in price

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“Barbershop services should be increased in price”, - Tamar Sharashenidze, of the Federation of Beauty Salons has declared BM.GE.

According to her, regulation enacted in the sector will increase expenditures and service time, which will result customer decline on a daily basis and it will be reflected on the service cost.

Tamar Sharashenidze talks about the importance of regulations during the post-pandemic period and notes that all salons must meet safety standards in order to be able to function.

"Salon services will become more expensive, because the matter concerns to the issue of waiting and adjusting the appointments. If one barber served 10 customers in a day, their number might be reduced and they will receive 6-7 customers in a day. How much the service fee will increase, it is up to the owners to decide, “said the president of the Federation of Beauty Salons.