01.May .2020 10:54

Beka Liluashvili: the state introduces a specific mechanism of pension increase

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Pensions increase is another issue that will be resolved systematically, as in the case of VAT, - Meka Liluashvili, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Economic Affairs, said.

He explained what the public should expect in this direction.

"The first is that, pension will be increased by 30 GEL for pensioners over 70 from June, which will actually help them in the conditions of this economic crisis and their vulnerability will be relatively corrected. However, from January 1, pensioners of the 70-year-old category, as well as others will receive pension supplement of at least of 20 -25 GEL (in addition to 30 GEL).

This means that the state introduces a specific mechanism for increasing pensions, which means that all pensions will increase in relation to price and economic growth. It means that pensions will be increased in each specific year while the prices are growing in the country. However, this growth rate has a minimum limit of 20 GEL before the age of 70 and 25 GEL after the age of 70. Of course, the increase might be more than those introduced limits, "- said the Prime Minister's Adviser.