19.Sep .2022 14:00

Zarapxana Has A New Holder

Zarapxana Has A New Holder
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Company Zarapxana has a new owner, - the former head of the company's supervisory board, Nikoloz Nakopia, announced this while visiting TV-program Forbes Week. New Vision University became the owner of 100%-share of Zarapxana.

According to Nikoloz Nakopia, New Vision University will be able to move Zarapkhana to a new stage of development.

"Actually, it has been a problem asset for the past 30 years, the company as well as factory's nearby area. The achievement of our management is that we have managed to bring a new investor, which can take this company to another level and make it even stronger and more successful.

Our new partner is New Vision University, which has come with a pretty good leader and team. We are talking about Davit Kereselidze. We had various offers, initially, the negotiations started with the sale of the territory, finally it was decided that he would become a 100% shareholder. I am proud and happy to have been a part of this company and to have worked for it during the most difficult period.

Zarapxana's employees and managers continue to work in an ordinary mode.

My dream was to build a new plant. A new factory may not be built, but the existing one will be fully re-equipped. I really hope that new equipment will be purchased. The most important thing is that the company can move forward.

As for the value of the transaction, we cannot talk about it, it is closed information", - Nikoloz Nakopia said.