01.Jul .2021 12:30

Clinics Plan To Engage the Business Ombudsman In The Issue Of Tariff Revision

Clinics Plan To Engage the Business Ombudsman In The Issue Of Tariff Revision
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The healthcare sector sent an appeal letter to the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Health for the second time.

The clinics are still demanding a revision of the tariffs set 10 years ago, including the unified tariffs for cardiac surgery and resuscitation services under Resolution 520.

The clinics have already sent a list of direct or indirect expenditures to the Ministry of Health, on the basis of which the agency should set new tariffs, but despite numerous appeals from the private sector, the government does not plan to change existing tariffs for medical services.

"The state does not have a plan to revise tariffs in the near future within a week or a month," Tamar Gabunia, the Deputy Minister of Health declares.

The healthcare sector now plans to engage the business ombudsman in the process following the unsuccessful appeal letters.

"A couple of weeks ago, we again appealed to the Ministry of Health, including the Prime Minister. We now plan to engage the Business Ombudsman in this issue, because this is also its field of activity. Our clinic already had communication with the business ombudsman.

As the representative of Business Ombudsmen says, the institution is already in communication with the Ministry of Health and plans to hold a working meeting, but when it is not known yet. We are planning an individual meeting with the business ombudsman and then a joint meeting," said Giorgi Ambroliani, General Director of Medalpha.