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Children with oncological diagnosis to be treated in Georgia, Turkey, Israel or Spain - PM

21.07.23 19:00
According to the Minister of Health, Zurab Azarashvili, children with oncological diagnosis will have the opportunity to be treated in Georgia, Turkey, Israel or Spain, where contracts have already been signed with the leading clinics.

According to Zurab Azarashvili, applications will be accepted from Monday.

"One more thing I wanted to say is related to the program for children with oncological diagnosis. Contracts have already been signed with the selected clinics. From Monday, we will be able to receive applications and organize this process. We have already created a relevant council with the involvement of foreign doctors, which will discuss the condition of a particular child and the possible treatment methods that can be provided. Then an offer will be made to the parents. In some cases, there may be a recommendation that it can be abroad or in Georgia, and the parents will be able to decide where they prefer. Whether it will be in Georgia or outside of Georgia, we will fully finance it in both cases," said Zurab Azarashvili.