07.Dec .2022 12:00

Demand For Land Plots Outside The City And Private Houses Significantly Up - Shinwood

Demand For Land Plots Outside The City And Private Houses Significantly Up - Shinwood
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Nika Kevkhishvili, the managing partner of the "Shinwood" project located in Saguramo declares, that the demand for land plots outside the city and the construction of private houses has increased significantly.

According to Kevkhishvili, the price of land per square meter has increased by 20% in the project in the last 5 months and at this stage, it varies from USD 42 to USD 67.

"Shinwood" project offers the customer plots of land prepared with all kinds of communications. The project is located on 35 ha and includes a recreational area, sidewalks, a fence and a gate.

"For the last few years, we have been monitoring the market in Tbilisi and Batumi, which revealed that people prefer to live in a relatively healthy environment.

Our project is located in the vicinity of Saguramo, in the village of Akhatani. We started sales in June and the pace is much higher than we had planned. This means that the market is ready for the product that we offer.

We sell land plots ready for construction with all kinds of communications, central sewage system, we build roads, sidewalks, and recreational spaces in the internal territory, which is 31,000 square meters. Plots are sold with fences and gates, which helps to maintain the overall appearance.

Today, prices range from USD 42 to USD 67, which is also on the rise, up 20% in the last 5 months since sales began. Apart from the fact that the price of land plots is increasing in general, this increase is even higher in such complexes, taking into account the existing potential," said Kevkhishvili.