11.Feb .2022 19:00

Dissatisfied Air Astana employees ready to rally

Dissatisfied Air Astana employees ready to rally
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Dissatisfied employees of Air Astana are ready to go to rally, KazTag reports with reference to a source familiar with the situation.

“Everyone is well aware of this, although there have been attempts to solve the issue of salaries, but the increase was so insignificant that it has not changed the situation in any way. The letter announcing the salary increase was of non-disclosure nature, and, they say, this is confidential information. Here I’ll laugh it off, saying that our employees keep their salaries secret anyway because they don’t want to feel embarrassed among friends who earn more working as private cabs or in public catering,“ said a source who has a copy of the letter, the author of which is one of the employees of Air Astana.

The letter indicates the working conditions in the company.

“When was the last time we bought clothes? Many, I think, find it difficult to answer this question. Clothing has become a luxury for us, no matter how pity it may sound. Our salary is spent on repaying loans, on food, small expenses ,” reads another letter, where another employee of the airline is indicated by the author.
The letter notes that even food products have to be taken on credit.

According to the information received by the editorial office of the agency, employees of the airline, dissatisfied with salaries and working conditions, are ready to go to the rally.