30.Jan .2020 18:02

"First we need to hear Anaklia Consortium's proposal on how to avoid arbitration process"

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First of all, we have to hear what the Anaklia Consortium has to offer in order to avoid the arbitration process, - said Maia Tskitishvili, the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure.

“We have not met with the consortium yet. We received a message from them that they disagreed with the government's position. In fact, this is already an arbitration dispute. The Ministry of Justice will be actively involved in this process and then we will communicate with both the Anaklia Development Consortium and all stakeholders.

First of all, we have to hear the position of Anaklia Development Consortium and what resource they have, including what the company has to offer on how to avoid the arbitration process that the consortium is also launching,”Tskitishvili said.