13.Oct .2020 17:00

Flowers.ge: “Growing Online Sales Contributed to Return to Pre-Pandemic Level”

Flowers.ge: “Growing Online Sales Contributed to Return to Pre-Pandemic Level”
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With imposed restrictions on arranging weddings, events, and other gatherings due to the global pandemic, the demand for flowers as the main decoration has been reduced. However, adopting your business to a new reality, in this case, better promoting online services, will guarantee your business's further development. Flowers.ge, one of the leading online flower shops in Georgia, has shared its experience of avoiding the crisis smoothly.
"Flowers.ge had been founded in 2006. In 2007 we launched our online shop, which was the first in Georgia for that time. Since then, it has been a stably growing company. COVID pandemic has not become an impediment to our company's business as the sales are equally distributed across both online and offline sales," said Tamaz Imnadze, Marketing Director at Flowers.ge.
"During the pandemic and even now, online sales have increased, which has offset the decline in corporate sales," Imnadze said. Adding that, at a given instant, the Company has completely returned to the pre-pandemic sales volume.
Online space is one of the most important platforms for Flowers.ge, as online shopping has become much more in demand since the pandemic. "Well developed online store is a must-have for any business," Imnadze suggested.
According to Imnadze, the global pandemic's main hindrance was the announcement of nationwide curfew and the complete restriction of activities during this period. "During the pandemic, wholesale trade was restricted due to the ban on imports and movement between cities, which also became one of the obstacles for us."
When it comes to corporate sales, travel companies and hotels have shown the main reduction of orders.
Even though the situation currently seems stable, a special crisis management plan has been adopted by Flowers.ge to overcome further implications, if any.